Trump ‘Acting Like A Third Grader,’ On The Verge Of Treason. Former Republican Congressman Speaks Out – Video

Furious with Trump and his own party over the lack of interest in investigating Russia’s hack into our election, former congressman Joe Walsh is speaking up.

Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh is irate about Trump’s lack of interest in investigating Russia’s interference in our presidential election.

Joe Walsh is a neo-Con radio personality who served in Congress as a proud Republican member of the Tea Party. He voted for Trump but he is now furious with his candidate and his own party.

On Monday, Walsh told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that he’s disgusted with Republicans who are uninterested in investigating Russia’s interference in our presidential election.

Walsh said,

“I’m outraged at the lack of outrage, especially on my side, the Republican side. I get that the country is divided, but my god: a foreign government interfered with our election. That should piss everybody off.”

Walsh acknowledged that Russia did in fact hack into our election. And he is one of the first Republicans to break with Trump and put country before party.

“It’s like because our guy won, Trump won, we’re going to keep our mouths shut,” he said. “I mean that’s just so wrong.”

Baldwin asked Walsh about former CIA Director Michael Morell’s assessment that this Russian hack is “the political equivalent of 9/11.”

Walsh said he agreed with Morell’s comment and he added that Trump’s is “acting like a third grader.”

“For Donald Trump to come out and attack our men and women in the CIA, that’s almost treasonous. Russia attacks us and Trump attacks the CIA. He ought to be the one calling for an investigation.”

Walsh also made his case on Twitter Monday night.

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