Watch Rachel Maddow’s Incredible Interview With Kellyanne Conway! -VIDEO

Kellyanne Conway was in way over head Thursday night with Rachel Maddow. Hey media, you paying attention? THIS is what real journalism looks like.

Thursday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed Trump’s new “counselor to the president,” Kellyanne Conway. And it was glorious.

This is exactly what’s missing in the media right now. True journalists who can really hold team Trump’s feet to the fire have been nowhere to be found. But, Thursday night, Rachel Maddow put on a clinic on how to deal with lying Trump surrogates.

Maddow asked Conway about foreign governments being able to “funnel” money directly to Trump’s bank account through his businesses and hotels. Conway first tried to say that the President-elect wouldn’t have anything to do with his businesses. But after Maddow pushed her on it, Conway backed down.

Conway said,

“He has said he will do ‘whatever is necessary’ to comply with the law and the protocols.”

“When the Trump corporation benefits from a financial transaction, please don’t leave people the impression the money goes in to Donald Trump’s pocket — he employs tens of thousands of people worldwide.”

Then she quickly pivoted to her old tired attacks on Hillary Clinton. Someone apparently forgot to tell Kellyanne that she’s no longer running a campaign against Hillary.

Conway deflected,

“You just said we’ve never had a president that could financially benefit, that a foreign country could funnel money, and I was like, ‘Ding, ding, ding! We had a secretary of State that did exactly that and Americans didn’t like it. She used the State Department as a concierge for foreign governments to dump money into the foundation.”

But the best part of the interview is when Rachel just outright laughs at her pathetic attempt to defend Trump.

Seriously, you’re gonna love this.

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