White House Staff Pulls Prank On Obama Using, Of All Things, Snowmen!

The White House staff is having some Christmas fun with President Obama. They pulled off a hilarious prank using, of all things, snowmen!

It seems that the White House snowmen have been put in charge of keeping tabs on President Obama. Maybe they’re working for Santa to be sure that POTUS stays off the naughty list. Or maybe this is the work of naughty staffer elves pulling a great prank. Personally I’m sticking with the Santa explanation.

The snowmen were part of the White House grounds Christmas decorations. But mysteriously the snowmen have been moving closer and closer to the Oval Office to spy on the President.

The official photographer for the White House, Pete Souza, explained on his Instagram page.

“Sometimes you gotta have fun. For the past three weeks, there have been four snowmen on display in the Rose Garden….We’ve been joking that we should move the snowmen a few feet closer to the Oval Office every day to see if anyone noticed. Then we realized the snowmen were too heavy to easily lift. But finally this morning before the President came to the office, some helpful staff–I won’t say who–moved all the snowmen so each one was peeking through a different window into the Oval. This photo was taken this afternoon as the President signed end-of-the-year bills.”

Souza also got a great shot of Obama playing along with the joke. Souza said, “Yes, he enjoyed the prank.”

After an extremely stressful election and the crushing disappointment of Hillary’s loss, it’s great to see Obama having some fun.

I believe that history will show him to be one of the great ones. Let’s just hope his legacy isn’t too tarnished by this Christmas scandal of snowman espionage.

Merry Christmas Mr. President!

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