Greenpeace Hangs ‘RESIST’ Banner On Crane Near White House

The resistance is popping up everywhere. And Greenpeace is making sure that President Trump doesn’t forget it.

If Trump’s first week in office is any indication, he’s in for a very tumultuous ride.

The historical record of anti-Trump protesters who turned out for Saturday’s Women’s March and sister marches all over the country…and world…was the first step in the resistance. And it was extraordinary.

There were also protests at state capitals on Monday. And then a rogue National Parks employee defied a gag order and tweeted out climate science facts on Tuesday.

All of it is clearly getting under Trump’s very thin skin.

On Wednesday Greenpeace decided to send another reminder to the new President that most of this country is against him. Protesters went to a construction site just blocks away from the White House at the old Washington Post building and hung a giant orange and yellow banner that reads “RESIST” from a 270-foot crane.

NBC reports,

“Police say the group of seven protesters climbed the crane at a downtown Washington construction site Wednesday morning. After a few hours, a few of the protesters dangling from the horizontal arm of the crane opened the 70-foot by 35-foot banner.”

Travis Nichols, a Greenpeace spokesman, says that the group wants to build on the inaugural protests and is calling for continued and sustained resistance to Donald Trump and his agenda.

I’d say we’re off to a great start.

Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

Photo by Carlos Barria / Reuters

Photo by Alex Brandon / AP


Featured image via Saul Loeb / AFP – Getty Images

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