Jeff Sessions Asked What He Would Do If A Sitting POTUS Grabbed A Woman By The Genitals -VIDEO

Senate Confirmation Hearings began on Tuesday for Donald Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. And so far the Dems have asked some tough, pointed questions.

Back during the campaign, an Access Hollywood tape came out with Donald Trump bragging about committing sexual assault. When Sessions was asked about it at the time he said he didn’t think what Trump boasted about should be considered sexual assault. He, along with the Trump camp, insisted that the President-Elect’s vile words were just “locker room talk” and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The problem, of course, is that sexual assault is a very serious issue. And the Democrats made a point of asking Sessions about it in Tuesday’s hearing.

Sessions was asked by Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy if he understood the definition of sexual assault. And then Leahy followed up, asking whether Sessions would prosecute this crime if it was committed by a sitting President or a person in public office. The implication being, would he go after the President should Trump actually do what he’s bragged about.

Leahy: “If a sitting President or any other high federal official was accused of committing what the President-elect described in a context in which it could be federally prosecuted, would you be able to prosecute and investigate?”

Sessions: “The President is subject to certain lawful restrictions and they would be required to be applied by the appropriate law enforcement official if appropriate, yes.”

Leahy: “And the conduct described based on the description would be sexual assault.”

Sessions: “Well the confusion about the question as a hypothetical question and it related to what was said on the tape. I did not remember at the time whether this was suggested to be an unaccepted, unwanted, would certainly meet the definition, if that’s what the tape said –“

Leahy: “My question is very simple: Is grabbing a woman by the genitals without her consent sexual assault?”

Sessions: “Yes.”

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