Look What Trump And Putin Talked About Saturday

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had their first official phone call on Saturday. If you were already worried about the Trump/Putin relationship, this will not make you feel any better.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had their first official phone call on Saturday. And, according to the Kremlin, the two leaders had a pleasant conversation and agreed to join together to fight ISIS in Syria.

The Kremlin said in a statement,

“Both sides demonstrated a mood for active, joint work on stabilizing and developing Russian-American cooperation.”

“The chat took place in a positive and business-like tone.”

Trump has had some kind of odd bromance going on with Putin for quite some time now. And, while Trump has been busy picking fights with allies like Germany and Mexico, he has never said a bad word about Russia or Putin. And, for Trump, that’s saying a lot.

It’s worth noting that while Trump was forming a partnership with Putin on Saturday, US intelligence was busy investigating ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian interference in our election.

Trump has already said that he’s considering lifting the sanctions on Russia. And with Putin up for reelection next year, this move would be seen as a huge victory for him.

The Kremlin said,

“The presidents spoke in favor of setting up genuine coordination between Russian and American actions with the aim of destroying Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Syria.”

This new¬†“partner-like cooperation”¬†between the two countries will be a huge change from the way things were before Trump was elected.

Reuters reports about the new relationship,

“That could signal a major policy change as, for now, cooperation is largely limited to coordinating to ensure that the two countries’ air forces operate safely and that the risk of accidental confrontation or collision is minimized.

Moscow is one of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s allies, while Washington, under Obama, called for him to step down and backed rebel groups fighting to topple him.”

The two Presidents agreed to remain in close contact. And after praising one another, they both said they wanted the other to flourish.

And according to the Kremlin,

“He (Putin) reminded (Trump) that our country has supported America for more than two centuries, was its ally in two world wars and now views the United States as its most important partner in the fight against international terrorism.”


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