The Russia Story Just Got Even Bigger

A top Russian spy who oversaw the US election hacking operation has been arrested and charged with treason.

Talking Points Memo and the New York Times are reporting on Thursday that a top Russian spy who is the number two person in the FSB department that worked on the US election hacking operation was arrested and charged with treason.

The question is, why was he arrested? Could it be that he was arrested because he was believed to be a source for US intelligence? And if so, could this be tied to the Trump campaign?

Talking Points Memo reports,

“Well, now we have reports that Sergei Mikhailov is suspected of being a US asset at the heart of Russian intelligence.

The report is from The Moscow Times, a respected English language publication. But the report appears to rely on a report in Novaya Gazeta.”

Part of the report reads,

“A top cybersecurity specialist in Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) was arrested on Wednesday reportedly on suspicion of leaking information to the U.S. intelligence community — a bombshell accusation that, if true, would mean Washington had a spy in the heart of Russia’s national defense infrastructure.”

“According to the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, the FSB believes Sergei Mikhailov tipped off U.S. officials to information about Vladimir Fomenko and his server rental company “King Servers,” which the American cybersecurity company ThreatConnect identified last September as “an information nexus” that was used by hackers suspected of working for Russian state security in cyberattacks.”

The Russians have also arrested four others because of connections with the Mikhailov case for treason. Because this is Russia we’re talking about here, it’s hard to know if these charges are legitimate. There’s also the possibility that this is all smoke and mirrors meant to help Trump.

It’s worth pointing out that several people from the Trump campaign are currently under federal investigation for their ties to Russia. And some of them are sitting in on Trump’s intelligence briefings.

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