Solid Proof Anti-Trump Protests Are Working -VIDEO

We are quickly learning that with enough pressure the Trump administration will back down.

It’s safe to say that Trump’s first week in office was an absolute train wreck. But even with all of the horrible things he did this week, there were still some victories for the anti-Trumpers. And what we’ve learned this week is that pressure and protests really do work.

On inauguration day, a memo went out to the Department of Health and Human Services informing them that they were no longer allowed to communicate with the press or with Governors or members of Congress. When the HHS employees started telling members of Congress that they were no longer allowed to speak with them, the Democrats went nuts.

The Dems wrote to the White House about it and alerted the press. There was a public outcry and pressure mounted on Trump and the Republicans. And, because of that pressure, the White House rescinded that order.

The same thing happened at the USDA.

They were told, “Starting immediately and until further notice, ARS will not release any public-facing documents. This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content.”

It was a gag order on all of those scientists to keep them from telling the public any information, including data from taxpayer funded research.

But then word got out to the press. And again there was huge public backlash. The pressure mounted and, again, the White House caved.

Same thing happened at the EPA.

The EPA was directed to take down the climate change page from their website. But then the press reported it, the American people got pissed, and, again, the White House caved.

Same thing happened at the VA.

Trump put a freeze on all hiring. But after the press and the public became outraged, again they caved.

Same thing happened with the Obamacare enrollment campaign.

The Trump administration decided to pull all commercials and public service announcements dealing with enrollment deadlines. But, again, public pressure made them put the ads back up.

And all of this happened in just the first week.

Public protests and outcry may not stop everything. But clearly it is stopping some things.

The big take-away from this week is that pressure does work. And the more pressure the better. It’s time my friends, to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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