They Won’t Show For Trump’s Inauguration, But Look Who Turned Out For Obama’s Last Bash

Hollywood may have no love for Donald Trump, but they sure do love the Obamas!

Donald Trump seems to be having major difficulty booking star performers for his inauguration. The A-list crowd no longer wants to be associated with him. But you know who they’re proud to stand by? President and Michelle Obama.

On Friday, night President and Michelle Obama held their final big bash at the White House. And it was a star studded affair.

Some of the VIPs who turned out for the Obamas’ farewell party included Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Samuel L. Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Academy Award-winner Bradley Cooper, Chris Rock, and Tyler Perry.

Also in attendance: Gloria Estefan, Robin Roberts, George and Amal Clooney, Magic Johnson, Anna Wintour, James Taylor, Steven Spielberg, Sir Paul McCartney, Al Roker, and Kelly Rowland.


After all the star power support that showed up for President and Michelle Obama, it’s just embarrassing that none of them want anything to do with the President Elect.


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