‘West Wing’ Explains Why Trump Wants To Move Press Out Of White House -VIDEO

“It sends a signal we’re trying to hide things from them.”

Donald Trump continues to demonize the media. And it seems obvious at this point that he will do everything in his power to diminish a free press. Team Trump is now talking about moving the Press Briefing Room out of the White House’s West Wing.

Esquire reports,

“According to three senior officials on the transition team, a plan to evict the press corps from the White House is under serious consideration by the incoming Trump Administration. If the plan goes through, one of the officials said, the media will be removed from the cozy confines of the White House press room, where it has worked for several decades. Members of the press will be relocated to the White House Conference Center—near Lafayette Square—or to a space in the Old Executive Office Building, next door to the White House.”

In response to this reporting, Trump’s transition team is trying to convince everyone that this move is being considered because they want to give the press MORE access.

But is that the real reason?

I’d say definitely NO. But rather than trying to explain the real reason myself, I defer to Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing.

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