Alec Baldwin And Jimmy Fallon Give Dueling Trump Impersonations -VIDEO

In the middle of a funny game called “Box of Lies” Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon broke into a face-to-face Trump-impression duel. And it was hilarious.

Thursday night, Alec Baldwin appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Baldwin’s appearance was a lead up to this weekend when he will host Saturday Night Live for the 17th time.

Baldwin has recently gained massive popularity because of his hilarious portrayal of Donald Trump on SNL. And Thursday night he showed off his skills with Jimmy Fallon.

Baldwin and Fallon played a game of “Box of Lies” where they took turns trying to determine if the other was lying about the contents of their secret box. The game itself was funny but when Baldwin slipped into his Trump impression the game got even funnier.

After Baldwin broke out his inner Trump, Fallon joined in with his own impersonation.

Fallon asked Baldwin what was in his secret box. Baldwin said, “Jimmy, it’s a burrito.”

Fallon was uncontrollably laughing.

Baldwin continued, “It’s a big, fat, juicy, banana burrito from Honduras.”

Then Fallon asked, “It’s not a juicy burrito from China, is it?”

Baldwin answered, “No, I myself would not ever eat a burrito from China. And the Honduran that delivered this burrito to the studio, we had him deported.”

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