CPAC Audience ‘Accidentally’ Waves Russian Flags During Trump Speech

The CPAC staff scrambled to do damage control after the audience unknowingly waved Russian flags during Trump’s speech.

On Friday morning, Donald Trump gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. And the ultra-conservative crowd loved it. They loved it so much in fact, that they raised their little Russian flags.

It seems that the pro-Trump crowd was a victim of Liberal activists pulling a prank.

Before Trump spoke the pranksters passed out red, white, and blue striped flags emblazoned with Trump’s name on them. The audience happily accepted the flags and enthusiastically waved them while Trump spoke.

Apparently they paid no attention to the fact that their new props were Russian flags. Or they saw that they were Russian flags and they just didn’t care.

The CPAC staff finally realized they had a problem when they saw all of the flags raised high during Trump’s speech. And they scrambled to confiscate them.

In addition to the crowd waving Russian flags, journalists tweeted that they were also seeing pro-Russia t-shirts and props. And those were not part of a Liberal prank. All of those came straight from the Trump supporters themselves.

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