Don Lemon Shows How To Deal With Trump Supporters -VIDEO

A lot of the press is still trying to figure out how to deal with Trump surrogates. But Don Lemon has figured it out. Call them out and shut them down as soon as they start lying. Other journalists should take note.

Fake news has been going on for a long time. But over the past year or so it has become a huge, large-scale problem. And one of the reasons is that too many reporters and TV journalists have allowed Trump surrogates to blatantly and repeatedly lie unchecked.

In addition to news outlets putting out actual fake news…otherwise known as lies…we now have an equally disturbing trend of Trump and his supporters labeling everything they don’t like as “fake news.”

This whole problem has pushed some journalists too far. And finally some of them are fighting back. CNN’s Don Lemon is one news host who’s had enough. And he’s no longer allowing Trump supporters to just lie on his show.

In this video clip there are five separate examples of Trump surrogates trying to lie on Lemon’s show. And each time he shuts them down.

Other journalists really should take note. We could use a whole lot more of this right now. Next step, stop booking these liars.

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