The Internet Is Giving Trump A Lesson On How To ‘Dress Like A Woman’….And It’s Fabulous!

Trump wants women who work in his administration to “dress like women.” Well, turns out women have a few things to say about this.

On Thursday a spokesperson for Trump told Axios that “Trump likes the women who work for him ‘to dress like women.'” And because of this many women are feeling pressured to wear dresses to stay on Trump’s good side.

The spokesperson explained,

“If you’re going to be a public person for him, whether it’s a lawyer or representing him in meetings, then you need to have a certain look.” 

“You should have a good physical demeanor, good stature, hair well groomed.”

As Liberals Unite’s Kimberley Johnson points out,

“This is where one wonders if Trump owns a mirror. Has he seen himself? Has he seen his boxy, misshapen suits, unusually wide and long ties, and his crazy yellow hair?”

And Johnson isn’t the only one with a few things to tell Donald Trump.

If the reaction on social media is any indication, American women have a lot to say about this. It seems that Trump’s idea of dressing like a woman differs a bit from how women define dressing like a woman.

So, on Friday, women took to Twitter to educate the misogynist currently occupying the White House.

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