Jake Tapper Just Thoroughly Humiliated Kellyanne Conway -VIDEO

Kellyanne Conway CNN Jake Tapper Interview

CNN decided to invite Kellyanne Conway back on the network Tuesday. And it was an absolute train wreck.

Over the weekend the White House offered up their spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway to CNN for their Sunday morning show, State of the Union. But after countless lies and deceiving spins by Conway recently, CNN declined the offer.

Then on Tuesday afternoon CNN decided to give her another chance. And it was a disaster.

Conway spent much of the interview with Jake Tapper trying to dance around questions and defending Trump’s most recent lies. But Tapper wasn’t having it.

TAPPER: “Is President Trump equating the War in Iraq with what Vladimir Putin does?”

CONWAY: “No, he’s just answering the question as asked.”

TAPPER: “But in that interview he seemed to be equating moral equivalence with Putin’s Russia and the United States.”

CONWAY: “I don’t think it’s a moral equivalence, Jake. What it is is stating two different opinions on two different matters. And in that regard I think people should make the judgment for themselves.”

Tapper also brought up Trump’s attacks on the media for reporting news that he didn’t like. But Conway somehow tried to answer by making Tapper feel sorry for her.

CONWAY: “I’m now being attacked by the media, including networks that are familiar to you, and I’m just going to keep soldiering on.”

Tapper then questioned her about the “sprays of attacks and sprays of falsehoods coming from the White House” every day.

Then Tapper asked, “Is CNN fake news?”

A cornered Conway answered, “No.”

But the best part of the interview was when Tapper listed several of Trump’s lies…and he actually called them “lies.”

Even the Queen of spin couldn’t wiggle out of that one.

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