Lindsey Graham: Connection Between Trump Campaign, Russian Intelligence Would Be ‘Game Changer’ -VIDEO


It seems this scandal is getting worse by the day. And Republicans are finally taking serious note.

On Monday night, Trump’s senior national security adviser, Michael Flynn, was forced to resign because he got caught for having contacts with the Russians before Trump was inaugurated and then lied to cover it up.

And then on Tuesday night, the New York Times put out a bombshell report showing that Trump’s campaign was in constant communication with Russian Intelligence before the election.

It seems this scandal is getting worse by the day. And Republicans are finally taking serious note.

Even before this new revelation came out in the Times, Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain were calling for investigations into the Trump administration’s connection to Russia. But, with each new piece of evidence that is reported by the press, the pressure on the Republicans increases.

On Wednesday morning, Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America. And he called for a “preliminary investigation” to corroborate the press’ findings. Graham said that if the investigation shows that Trump aides were, in fact, having communications with Russian Intelligence during the campaign, it would be “a game changer.”

Graham said,

“We are not going to make a decision based on what a newspaper says, but now is time for Congress to up its game.”

“If there’s contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence officials outside the norm, that’s not only big-league bad, that’s a game changer. And I would change my view as to what Congress would do.”

As for Trump, he’s claiming that all of these new findings are “fake news.” But it seems that some of the Republicans disagree.

Graham continued,

“If there are contacts between Trump officials and Russian intelligence, we need a joint select committee in Congress to get to the bottom of this and also look at Trump’s business ties to Russia.”

“I want to do a preliminary investigation … I want to make sure myself that these intercepts exist, that the communications are outside the norms. if that’s the case, its time for the Congress, in my view the Senate, to do a joint select committee where we can look at it holistically.”


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