Obama Beats Richard Branson In Surfing Competition

It’s great to see President Obama looking so happy and relaxed. Retirement really looks good on him.

If we can’t have him as POTUS, it’s at least good to know that Obama is having a fun retirement. He has carried the weight of the world for the last eight years. But other than seeing his hair go gray, Obama didn’t outwardly show his stress very often.

However, he is now openly showing happiness.

After leaving the White House, President and Michelle Obama traveled to the British Virgin Islands. And their host was none other than the billionaire founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson.

Branson said that the last time Obama was allowed to surf was eight years ago because surfing was considered too dangerous for a sitting President. So Branson made arrangements for the two of them to hit the water.

Branson challenged Obama to a kite-surfing contest to see who could stay on their boards the longest.

And the winner was the President!

Yahoo reports,

“Branson stood up on his foilboard and got on the scoreboard with 50 meters. Then, Obama had his turn kitesurfing. In the end, the former president emerged as the winner, surfing for 100 meters.”

Branson promised a rematch next time the Obamas visit the Virgin Islands.

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