Kellyanne Is Being Hilariously And Mercilessly Trolled On Twitter Because Of This Picture

Seeing Kellyanne Conway disrespect the Oval Office has caused quite the stir. Twitter responds by mercilessly mocking the tacky twit.

Kellyanne Conway has been a bit of a mess since she joined team Trump. Between her “alternative facts” and the imaginary “Bowling Green Massacre,” it’s really tough to take Trump’s senior adviser seriously. In fact, she has lied so much on national TV that many news outlets will no longer allow her on the air.

It’s clear that Kellyanne has no respect for the truth. And, based on these pictures, she also has no respect for the Oval Office couch. Apparently manners and decorum aren’t her strong suits. It’s always fun to mock Kellyanne, but sometimes she just makes it too easy.

On Monday, Trump met with leaders of historically Black Colleges in the Oval Office. And when they set up for a photo op, Kellyanne took a comfy kneel on the couch to get her perfect shot. Not only did it look tacky, but it also breaks mom’s rules about no shoes on the furniture.

As soon as these pictures surfaced, Twitter exploded into mass Kellyanne trolling. And let’s face it, mercilessly mocking Kellyanne for any reason is just plain fun.

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