The Real Reason Dem Senator Joe Manchin Voted For Jeff Sessions…And It Aint Good

Joe Manchin was the only Dem to vote for Sessions this year. Also his daughter is the CEO who jacked up the prices of EpiPens. Sessions as AG is now over the prosecution of Manchin’s daughter.

Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia was the only Democrat to vote for Jeff Sessions for Attorney General this year. So let’s take a look at the real motivations behind this move by the rogue Dem.

Last year Congress launched an investigation into Mylan CEO Heather Bresch after public outcry about the company severely raising the price of their life-saving medication EpiPen. In the last couple years Bresch hiked the price up of the anti-allergy device by more than 500%.

So Congress asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Mylan violated antitrust laws for the purpose of protecting the auto-injector EpiPen from competition.

In September Senator Blumenthal said,

“As the cost of EpiPens skyrocketed, schools seeking relief turned to Mylan’s ‘EpiPen4Schools’ program, which offered a significant discount for the lifesaving drug.”

“Some of these schools were required to sign a contract agreeing not to purchase any products from Mylan’s competitors for a period of 12 months — conduct that can violate the antitrust laws when taken by a monopolist.”

“If Mylan engaged in anti-competitive business practices, or violated antitrust laws with the intent and effect of limiting lower-cost competition, we will hold them accountable.”

Now here’s the thing.

Mylon CEO Heather Bresch also happens to be Senator Joe Manchin’s daughter.

When the Senate voted on Jeff Sessions for Attorney General this year, the Republicans already had enough votes to confirm him. They didn’t need Manchin’s vote. But, nevertheless, Manchin voted for Sessions.

As Attorney General, Sessions was over the prosecution of Manchin’s daughter.

Could Manchin’s vote be a gesture to gain favor from Sessions to help his daughter? Sure looks like it.

Between 2006 and 2016 the U.S. government overpaid for EpiPens by more than $1.27 billion. In August Reuters reported that Jeff Sessions’ DOJ had reached a settlement in this case. Mylon was fined $465 million, which is far less than was expected.

“Under the deal, Mylan did not admit wrongdoing. It will reclassify EpiPen and pay the rebate applicable to its new classification as of April 1, 2017.”

Looks like Manchin’s vote was worth it.

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