Republican Chairman Says No To Russia Investigation, Then Blames The Dems -VIDEO

A House hearing on Thursday broke into a shouting match over Russia.

The Republicans seem very determined to sweep Russian interference into our election under the rug. But trying to blame their decision on Democrats is rich, even for them.

On Thursday, a routine House Oversight Committee hearing broke into a heated argument between the Republican Chairman and the ranking Democrat. The argument was about the Russian hack into our election.

Right now Republicans have locked the Russia investigation into just one committee, the Intelligence Committee in both chambers. The Dems are trying to get another public investigation in the Oversight Committee.

Democratic Rep. Robin Kelly from Illinois said,

“It’s clear that politics have prevented this committee from being willing or able to do the necessary objective and nonpartisan oversight on the Russian attack.”

The chairman, Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah argued that any investigation should be kept in Intelligence. And added that Oversight should not investigate because it would be “inappropriate” for them to look inside the private running of the DCCC. 

Astonishingly, Chaffetz is trying to say that they can’t investigate because the Dems don’t want their inner workings shown. Something the Dems have never claimed, by the way.

But the Democrats did not back down.

Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch from Massachusetts shouted,

“That’s not anybody else’s work. That’s our work. There’s plenty of reports we can talk about — and we ought to do it publicly — about the damage done to the confidence in our electoral system. That’s what’s important here.”

“We had nine separate investigations into Hillary Clinton—”

Chaffetz then demanded that the Democratic ranking member, Elijah Cummings from Maryland, answer the question of whether or not he wanted a probe into the DCCC.

Cummings replied,

“I think the thing that I’m most concerned about is that we cannot just turn a blind eye when we have 17 intelligence agencies who unanimously agree [that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections]. You and I know what happened with the Benghazi Committee — it became a partisan fight.”

From there, the exchange got very heated and devolved into the men shouting at each other. It is clear that the Dems are not going to let this go…thankfully. But the real question is how far will the Republicans go to hide Trump’s probable connection with the Russian hacking.

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