Trump Just Held An Insane Press Conference…Seriously, It Was Bat-Shit-Crazy -VIDEO

Trump held a press conference on Thursday. This thing should be mandatory viewing for every single member of Congress. Seriously, it was bat-shit-crazy. Big League.

OK, if you missed the trump presser shit show today, here’s a few highlights….

– He told countless lies.
– He attacked the press like a child throwing a tantrum.
– He berated and name-called.

– After he was asked about Russia’s spy ship off our coast and Russian fighters buzzing our ships he went on a rant about having a good relationship with them so he can make deals.
– He said leaks were being given out like candy…and also drugs are cheaper than candy.
– He apparently thinks all black people know each other.
– He attacked Hillary…a lot.
– He bragged about (and lied about) his election win….a lot.
– He said Flynn didn’t do anything wrong…he said instead Flynn did everything right.
– He ranted on about catching all the leakers.
– He said the entire Russia story is fake news.
– He said that the leaks were true but the reporting on those leaks was all lies.
– He said the people showing up at town halls about Obamacare were being bused in from other districts.
– He said his travel ban was rolled out perfectly and smoothly.
– He said the people who protested at airports were bused in by his opposition.
– He said the country loves what he’s doing because his approval rating is 55%.
– He said the anti-Semitic attacks going on are being done by his opponents pretending to be Trump supporters.
– He said there is no chaos going on…he called his last 4 weeks “a fine tuned machine.”
– He said he didn’t know about anyone in his campaign talking to Russia. (That’s a lie…he was briefed on it weeks ago.)

There was a lot more, but you get the gist of it. My words don’t do it justice though…you have to see this one for yourself. It was unhinged and erratic and absolutely bizarre.

I’m telling you, not much he does shocks me anymore. But right now my mind is blown.

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