Trump Surrogate Stephen Miller Is The Biggest Train Wreck We’ve Seen Yet…And That’s Saying A Lot! -VIDEO

This week making the rounds on the Sunday shows for the White House was Senior Policy Adviser, Stephen Miller. If you thought Sean Spicer’s debut was a disaster, just wait until you see this one.

Just when you thought Trump’s surrogates couldn’t possibly get any worse, out comes Stephen Miller. Apparently there is no bottom to this barrel.

Stephen Miller is a senior policy adviser to Trump. He was one of the writers of Trump’s disastrous travel ban. And he’s bat-shit crazy.

Miller appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX Sunday morning. It was disturbing how angry and obnoxious he was. But the way he sternly and blatantly lied was alarming.

On ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Miller doubled down on Trump’s insane lie that millions of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton in the election.

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You can’t make a — hold on a second. You just claimed again that there was illegal voting in New Hampshire, people bused in from the state of Massachusetts.

Do you have any evidence to back that up?”

MILLER: “I’m saying anybody — George, go to New Hampshire. Talk to anybody who has worked in politics there for a long time. Everybody is aware of the problem in New Hampshire with respect to –”

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you have any evidence?

MILLER: “The reality is, is that we know for a fact, you have massive numbers of non-citizens registered to vote in this country. Nobody disputes that. And many, many highly qualified people, like Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, have looked deeply into this issue and have confirmed it to be true and have put together evidence.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: — just for the record, you have provided absolutely no evidence.

MILLER: “The White House has provided enormous evidence with respect to voter fraud, with respect to people being registered in more than one state, dead people voting, non-citizens being registered to vote. George, it is a fact and you will not deny it, that there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country, who are registered to vote. That is a scandal.

We should stop the presses. And as a country, we should be aghast about the fact that you have people who have no right to vote in this country, registered to vote, canceling out the franchise of lawful citizens of this country.

That’s the story we should be talking about. And I’m prepared to go on any show, anywhere, anytime, and repeat it and say the President of the United States is correct 100 percent.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “You have provided zero evidence that the president’s claim that he would have won the general — the popular vote if 3 million to 5 million illegal immigrants hadn’t voted, zero evidence for either one of those claims.”

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