Trump’s Travel Ban Halted; Iranian Infant Allowed To Enter U.S. For Vital Heart Surgery -VIDEO

For this Iranian infant Trump’s travel ban is a matter of life and death.

After being banned for the past week, an Iranian infant who needs life-saving heart surgery has been given a waiver  to come into the U.S., thanks to a court ruling Friday night halting Trump’s travel ban.

New York Governor Cuomo has arranged for legal assistance for the child’s family. And doctors at Mt. Sinai have agreed to perform the vital surgery free of charge.

Cuomo told the Daily News,

“We will continue to work with the International Refugee Assistance Project to ensure this baby receives the treatment she needs, and fight for those being unfairly shut out of America’s gates by this policy.”

“I am pleased to announce that the world-renowned pediatric cardiac surgical team at Mount Sinai Hospital, who has extensive experience in managing patients with this condition, has generously offered to provide the surgery and medical care at no cost to the family.”

The New York newspaper reports,

“The family was set to travel to Dubai, en route to the U.S., when Trump signed the order barring visitors and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“Everything was okay. They asked for a lot of paperwork. She got the appointment, February 5, in the morning,” Fatemah’s uncle, Sam Taghizadeh, told KPTV. “All the papers, everything was ready, and just in the last minute they canceled everything.””


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