In Act Of Desperation Sean Spicer Loses His Sh*t On Veteran Journalist -VIDEO

This White House is growing more desperate by the day to squash the Russia story. Sean Spicer knows the wheels are coming off, and he’s losing his shit.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is trying his best to defend Donald Trump. But he is failing miserably. The more he melts down over Russia questions, the more guilty this administration looks.

On Tuesday, Spicer attacked veteran White House correspondent and American Urban Radio Network’s Washington bureau chief April Ryan after she asked a question about the White House’s image because of so many scandals.

Ryan asked Spicer,

“With all these investigations, questions of what is, how does this administration try to revamp its image? Two and a half months in, you have this Yates story today. You have other things going on, you’ve got Russia, you got wire-tapping.”

Spicer snapped back, “We don’t have that!” Then he completely lost it when the veteran journalist pushed back. “Stop shaking your head again,” he barked at her.

In complete melt-down mode Spicer lashed out,

“There’s no connection. You’ve got Russia. If the President puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight somehow that’s a Russia connection. I appreciate your agenda here but the reality is…no no no, hold on….At some point report the facts. The facts are that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion. Republican, Democrat so- I’m sorry that that disgusts you. You’re shaking your head.  But understand this. At some point the facts are what they are.”

Spicer is right about one thing. The facts are what they are. And no amount of lies or desperate tantrums is going to change that. The truth will eventually come out whether this White House likes it or not. And that truth will be reported by great journalists like April Ryan.

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