An Anonymous Donor Just Gave $1M To The New York Times For Student Subscriptions

The New York Times has been presenting some great investigative journalism, especially into Trump’s Russia ties. And now donors are giving the paper big money to help them expand their reach.

Despite the fact that Trump keeps calling them “the failing New York Times,” the paper actually more than doubled their subscriptions in 2016. And now, thanks to donors, the paper is expanding their reach even further.

On Thursday, The Times put out a press release about their “Sponsor a Subscription” program. The program allows people to donate money to the paper which then goes to providing digital subscriptions to public schools and students across the country.

The Times says,

“Since its inception on Feb. 3, The New York Times’s “sponsor a subscription” program has collected enough contributions to grant more than 1.3 million students across the U.S. free and unlimited access to

More than 15,500 individual contributions have ranged from as little as $4 to, in one case, $1 million (from an anonymous donor). While the program currently provides student subscriptions in U.S. public schools only, more than 830 contributions have come from international sponsors.”

Because of this new influx of donations, The Times will be expanding their program to reach an even larger audience and offering more resources to schools and teachers.

New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. says,

“The genesis of the ‘sponsor a subscription’ program came directly from readers who approached us with the desire to help support independent journalism and promote news literacy after the U.S. elections. Thanks to their tremendous generosity, schools that would not normally have had the means to pay for resources like The Times are now able to empower their students with the news and information they need to help them understand the world around them.”

One of the best ways to fight Donald Trump and his agenda is to educate the public. And thanks to the generous contributions of readers, papers like The New York Times are doing just that.


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