Bill Nye The Science Guy Humiliates Fox News Host Over Climate Change -VIDEO

Bill Nye the Science Guy schooled Tucker Carlson on climate change. And then the Fox News host lost his shit.

On Monday night, Bill Nye appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News. And the two men talked climate change. But, as the heated interview went on, Carlson turned into a raving lunatic.

Earlier on Monday Nye did a Facebook Live event where he said that climate change skeptics “suffer from the psychological delusion of cognitive dissonance” because they refuse to accept scientific evidence.

That didn’t sit well with the Fox News host.

Carlson argued that by dismissing the skeptics, Nye was “doing a grave disservice to science.” Carlson went on to say that the human effect on climate is “an open question.”

Nye tried to explain that humans most definitely have contributed to the planet’s warming. But Carlson turned into a rude bully who continually interrupted his guest.

Carlson insisted that he had an open mind. But his behavior said something different entirely. After several minutes of Carlson blowing his top, he tried to get in a few last insults and then end the segment.

But Nye changed the topic to Trump and got in the last word.

Nye said,

“So you guys are the mainstream media. And I can tell you why there are leaks. Because the President has created two factions in his administration. They don’t like each other. So they leak. It’s not from the outside. It’s from the inside.”

And he finished by saying,

“Carry on Mr. Carlson. I’m sure we will cross paths again.”

Righties will probably love Carlson’s performance. They seem to really like the whole obnoxious bully thing. But back here in the real world, the Fox News host just looked like a rude fool.

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