CNN’s Anderson Cooper: ‘I’ve Actually Muted The President’ -VIDEO

Anderson Cooper has a brilliant strategy for dealing with the Tweeter-in-Chief. He just mutes him.

On Monday night CNN’s Anderson Cooper made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And he talked about his relationship with Kellyanne Conway and how he avoids a lot of Trump’s bullshit.

Colbert asked Cooper about Trump’s unhinged weekend Twitter storm accusing President Obama of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower during the election.

Cooper said,

“I get back Sunday and finally turn on my phone again and I’m like ‘What the- WHAT?!’ And Arnold Schwarzenegger too??”

Cooper admitted that he doesn’t always see Trump’s insane tweets because he has muted the President.

“I’ve actually muted the President on Twitter. Don’t tell him. You know when you get annoying people tweeting you, you don’t wanna delete because that tells them you deleted them. So if you just mute them, they think you’re still following them. And you don’t actually see their tweets.” Cooper said.

He also pointed out that he doesn’t want to have a relationship with Kellyanne Conway.

“I don’t want to really have a relationship with these people. Like I interviewed Kellyanne Conway a couple weeks ago. Probably, maybe my last interview with her ever, I don’t know.”

“At one point in the interview she said something to me along the lines of ‘you know we may have to rethink the relationship we have.’ And I was like, we don’t have a relationship. I said, ‘I don’t want to have a relationship with you.'”

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