CNN’s Jake Tapper Destroys Trump And His Wiretap Claims -VIDEO

Jake Tapper: Trump’s wiretap “nonsense” is another example of his affinity for “conspiracy theories untethered to facts.”

Over the weekend, Trump put out a series of unhinged tweets accusing President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election. Of course he has no evidence or proof of that. But when has that ever stopped him from spewing outrageous lies before?

One good thing that’s happening now is the press’ coverage of Trump. It seems they have finally had enough of his bullshit. And it’s great to see.

On Monday CNN’s Jake Tapper addressed Trump’s wiretap claims. Other than the fact that he called Trump’s claims “untethered to facts” instead of just calling them “lies,” he was spot on.

Tapper said,

“We’ve been here before. And this is not a land with much sense or respect for facts. This is a place of conspiracy theories untethered to facts. And these theories are voiced by President Trump.”

He pointed out a very long list of Trump lies. And then added,

“It goes on and on. None of it’s true. And the people around President Trump who are enabling this nonsense, the ones who know better, you have to ask yourselves this question: Are you really serving the President? Are you really serving the American people?”

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