Insane Righties Protesting In D.C. For A ‘Pizzagate’ Investigation….Yes, Seriously

Donald Trump has ushered in a whole new level of crazy in this country.

During the presidential campaign, many outrageous conspiracy theories popped up on social media and alt-right sites. Some of these stories came from Russia and some came from Hillary haters just spreading fake news. But wherever they started, Trump supporters latched on like a dog with a bone.

One of those fake stories was “Pizzagate.” The theory was that Hillary and John Podesta were running a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizza joint. Because of that absurd story a man drove across the country and showed up at the pizza place with a loaded gun to “save the children.”

And believe it or not some of Trump’s supporters still believe this nonsense is real.

One of the Kings of the alt-right movement, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, came out this weekend and apologized for pushing the fake Pizzagate story. But apparently that didn’t faze the true believers.

On Saturday people from all over the country showed up in D.C. to participate in a Pizzagate rally. They are demanding that a full investigation be launched into this Hillary child sex business. Yes, really.

Fortunately there weren’t a ton of people there. But the fact that even this many people would go to D.C. for this lunacy is alarming.

Donald Trump has truly ushered in a whole new level of crazy in this country.

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