Kellyanne Conway Humiliated On Today Show -VIDEO

For some reason, network morning shows continue to allow Kellyanne Conway on the air to try to defend Trump. But, based on this humiliating interview with the Today Show, I’d say the media is over Kellyanne’s bullshit.

On Monday, Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie. And it didn’t go well.

As hard as she tried to lie, spin, and duck answering questions Lauer and Guthrie refused to let her off the hook.

The hosts asked Conway about Trump’s outrageous claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign. Conway tried her best to dance around the question and change the subject. But Lauer and Guthrie kept pushing the issue.

When Conway blamed the media for talking about the wiretap claim and then tried to turn the conversation to how awful Obamacare is, Guthrie interrupted, “Can I just stop you right there? Kellyanne, the media did not bring up this topic. President Trump did.”

Kellyanne replied,

“No I didn’t say you did. But there’s so much going on that the American people also want to hear about. All the job creation-“

Guthrie stopped her again.

“All the more reason to question why it is that he would bring that up. And then therefore throw the discussion- I mean it isn’t like something that a blogger wrote. It’s something that the President of the United States accused his predecessor of tapping his phone.”

Kellyanne, looking frustrated, gave the best answer she could come up with. And it was pathetic.

I have no idea why any network would continue to allow Kellyanne on air. But if we have to see her lying condescending face, it’s nice to see her humiliated in the process.

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