A Remarkable Behind The Scenes Look At What’s Really Going On In The White House Briefing Room -VIDEO

White House reporters take us behind the scenes and show what it’s really like trying to cover this administration.

Earlier this week, BBC Newsnight did a piece showing how difficult it is for reporters trying to cover this White House. The segment takes us behind the scenes and shows what’s really going on from the perspective of well respected journalists.

They take us on a journey of just one week trying to keep up with Trump lies and scandals. And it is remarkable.

Trump has been relentlessly bashing and demonizing the media for a very long time. But his recent comments about the press being “the enemy of the American people” has crossed over into dangerous territory.

A free press is essential in our democracy. But calling every story he doesn’t like “fake news” and telling the American people that the press is their enemy not only rings of dictatorship, but it also leaves half the country believing Trump’s countless lies.

The White House Press Corps knows that Trump’s possible collusion with Russia is the big story. THE story. But they also know that they are only getting lies and deflection from this administration.

The thing Trump hasn’t figured out yet is that there are a lot of great journalists investigating this story. And no matter what he says or does they will eventually uncover the truth.

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