Ted Koppel Destroys Sean Hannity In 47 Seconds -VIDEO

Ted Koppel just wiped a smug grin off Sean Hannity’s face and explained why the Fox News hack is so bad for America.

On CBS Sunday Morning this weekend, veteran newsman Ted Koppel did a piece on the great ideological divide in this country. In the piece Koppel singled out Fox News’ Sean Hannity as one of those responsible for promoting lies and making the American people even more polarized.

Koppel outright told Hannity to his face that he was “bad for America.”

Koppel continued,

“We are stuck in an ideological rut, and programs like yours, popular as they are, haven’t helped.”

Koppel is absolutely correct, but his words didn’t seem to faze the Fox News hack.

Hannity argued,

“Americans know Sean Hannity is a conservative. There’s no pretense here. Are you against the editorial pages?”

Koppel responded with a no and explained he’s not against editorial pages but he is “against the editorial pages taking over from the front page.”

Hannity and his viewers may not get it. They seem convinced that Trump is their perfect Savior. But most of the country no longer believe a single word from Trump or Hannity.

Ted Koppel summed it up nicely when he looked Hannity in the eye and said,

“You have attracted people who have determined that ideology is more important than fact.”

Here’s the full piece:

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