Trump Defends His Most Outrageous Lies: ‘I’m President And You’re Not’

Donald Trump doubled down on many of his most outrageous lies in a new Time interview. His defense of his provable lies? “I’m President and you’re not.”

In a new Time Magazine interview published on Thursday, Donald Trump defended many of his most outrageous lies. It’s remarkable really. He lies so easily. And even when his statements are fact-checked and proven wrong he never backs down. He just tells more lies to defend the original lies. It’s madness.

Trump told Time’s Washington bureau chief, Michael Scherer,

“I’m a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right. Hey, look, in the meantime, I guess I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

Two points that Trump kept coming back to in this Time interview were that he was right about Brexit and the Nunes statement on Wednesday that members of Trump’s team had been inadvertently recorded in legal surveillance of foreigners. Somehow Trump thinks those two things prove that all of his lies eventally turn out to be true.

Scherer asked Trump about his lie that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. A lie that has been debunked by both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate along with the FBI.

Trump answered,

“Yeah well if you’d look at, in fact I’ll give you the front page story, and just today I heard, just a little while ago, that Devin Nunes had a news conference, did you hear about this, where they have a lot of information on tapping. Did you hear about that?

Now remember this. When I said wiretapping, it was in quotes. Because a wiretapping is, you know today it is different than wire tapping. It is just a good description. But wiretapping was in quotes. What I’m talking about is surveillance. And today, [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Devin Nunes just had a news conference. Now probably got obliterated by what’s happened in London. But just had a news conference, and here it is one of those things. The other one, election, I said we are going to win, we won. And many other things. And I think this is going to be very interesting.”

Five minutes later Trump went back to Nunes.

“House intelligence chairman Devin Nunes told reporters, wow. Nunes said, so that means I’m right, Nunes said the surveillance appears to have been … incidental collection, that does not appear to have been related to concerns over Russia.”

Apparently Trump also believes that if he sees it on TV it’s true. Well, except for reporting he doesn’t like, that he calls “fake news.” 

Another lie Trump doubled down on is that the UK wiretapped him on behalf of Obama.

“Why do you say that I have to apologize? I quoted the judge the other day, Judge Napolitano. I have a lot of respect for Judge Napolitano, and he said that three sources have told him things that would make me right. I don’t know where he has gone with it since then. But I’m quoting highly respected people from highly respected television networks.”

Trump even stood by his most absurd lies like Ted Cruz’s dad might’ve helped assassinate JFK.

“Well, that was in a newspaper. No, no, I like Ted Cruz. He’s a friend of mine. But that was in a newspaper. I wasn’t, I didn’t say that. I was referring to a newspaper. A Ted Cruz article referred to a newspaper story with — had a picture of Ted Cruz, his father, and Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast.”

And the lies about thousands cheering in the streets on 9/11 and 3-5 million illegals voting for Hillary? Yep, he doubled down on those too. He said he knows he’s right about these because he read it somewhere. Then he said he’s demanding investigations that will vindicate him.

When Scherer asked Trump if he had a credibility issue, Trump said,

“Name what’s wrong! I mean, honestly.”

And he finished the interview saying,

“Hey look, in the mean time, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

Like I said, This. Is. Madness.

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