Twitter Has Some Hilarious Suggestions For #NewJobsForKellyanneConway

Once Donald Trump gets impeached, Kellyanne Conway is going to need a new job. Fortunately for her, Twitter has plenty of suggestions.

Trump’s senior adviser and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is a professional liar. From the non-stop defense of every Trump lie to microwaves that turn into cameras to the Bowling Green Massacre, it is impossible to take Kellyanne seriously. She lies so much, in fact, that several networks and news shows have banned her altogether.

Sometimes it’s our job to fact-check Kellyanne and call her out for lying. But other times it’s way more fun to just mercilessly mock her. Today is one of those times.

Saturday morning #NewJobsForKellyanneConway was trending on Twitter. And it was absolutely hilarious. The hashtag also caused conservatives on Twitter to have a complete melt-down, which made it even more fun.

Kellyanne is going to need a new job once Trump gets impeached. Lucky for her, Twitter is here to help out.

You’re welcome Kellyanne.

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