This Alex Jones Homophobic Attack On Adam Schiff Is Jaw-Dropping -VIDEO

Alex Jones is one of Trump’s favorite news sources. Jones has always been a nut-job, but this outrageous anti-gay attack on Adam Schiff will leave you speechless. Seriously.

Alex Jones is a far-right radio personality and host of InfoWars. He’s a huge asshole. He’s an habitual liar.  And he’s also one of Donald Trump’s favorite news sources.

Last week Jones went into a particularly disgusting tirade against Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. The attack was vile…even for Jones.

Schiff is the ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee which is investigating Trump’s ties to Russia. Apparently that makes Jones totally lose his mind. But instead of going after Schiff for his politics, or even his investigation of Trump, Jones decided to make homophobic personal attacks, calling the Congressman a “cocksucker” and a “fairy.”

Jones was talking to Trump’s lackey, Roger Stone. Stone called Schiff a “pussy” which seemed to open the door for Jones to let his bigotry fly freely.

“I’m not against gay people. OK. I love them, they’re great folks. But Schiff looks like the archetypal cocksucker with those little deer-in-the-headlight eyes and all his stuff. And there’s something about this fairy, hopping around, bossing everybody around, trying to intimidate people like me and you, I want to tell Congressman Schiff and all the rest of them, “Hey listen asshole, quit saying Roger and I” — and I’ve never used cussing in 22 years but the gloves are off.”

“Listen you son of a bitch, what the fuck’s your problem? You want to sit here and say that I’m a goddamn, fucking Russian. You get in my face with that I’ll beat your goddamn ass, you son of a bitch. You piece of shit. You fucking goddamn fucker. Listen fuckhead, you have fucking crossed a line. Get that through your goddamn fucking head. Stop pushing your shit. You’re the people that have fucked this country over and gang raped the shit out of it and lost an election. So stop shooting your mouth off claiming I’m the enemy. You got that you goddamn son of a bitch? Fill your hand.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m done. You start calling me a foreign agent, those are fucking fighting words. Excuse me.”

This is a guy who has the full support and respect from the President of the United States. Just let that sink in.

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