Eric Trump: Ivanka Influenced My Father To Launch Syrian Strikes

We are at the point where U.S. military attacks are being decided by the daughter whose only qualification is peddling shoes. What could possibly go wrong there??

In a new interview with The Daily Telegraph, Eric Trump said that his sister Ivanka influenced their father to launch the military strikes on Syria last week.

Bashar al-Assad has committed atrocities against his own people many times. In 2013, he launched a gas attack killing over a thousand Syrians, including hundreds of women and children. After that attack, Donald Trump was very vocal that the U.S. should not attack Syria or get involved.

Trump continued to repeat his position as late as last week. Then Assad gassed his people again, this time killing dozens. After years of saying we should do nothing, Trump made an abrupt about-face and launched 60 Tomahawk missiles hitting a Syrian air base.

So who convinced Trump to change his mind? Pictures of dead children? Doubtful. The pictures of hundreds of dead children over the past several years haven’t fazed him. Was it the military advisers? Again doubtful. So who did convince the incompetent President to strike?

According to Eric, it was Ivanka.

He said,

“Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said: ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will act in times like that.”

The entire Trump family has spent years saying the U.S. should not be the world’s police. Remember the endless “America first” rhetoric?

But now Eric says,

“At some point America is the global leader and the world’s superpower has to come forward and act and they did with a lot of support of our allies and I think that’s a great thing.”

And who better to guide these life and death decisions than the daughter whose only qualification is peddling shoes and handbags?

“Ivanka is by his side in Washington. She is not involved in everything. I think she comes and goes with issues she deeply cares about but when you get to a certain level of power a lot of times, and you see this in business too, a lot of times people will say yes just because you happen to be the boss.”

“I think the beautiful thing about family is you play on a little bit of a different dynamic and once in a while you can pull them aside and say: ‘No disrespect but you might want to think about this or maybe you crossed the line here.’”

“I think it gives you a sounding board who is a little bit more unconventional than the 37 people that might happen to be standing round a table at that one time who just want to appease.” 

Following the strike Ivanka tweeted:

And the really crazy thing? We’re probably way better off with the shoe girl calling the shots than the insane POTUS.

featured image via ABC News

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