Katy Tur Humilates Hypocrite Republican Congressman Trying To Defend Trump -VIDEO

There’s no shortage of hypocrites in the Republican Party. Katy Tur just did a great job humiliating one of them.

On Monday, NBC’s Katy Tur interviewed Republican House member Mo Brooks (R-AL). Brooks tried his best to defend Donald Trump. But the more he talked the more he revealed his utter hypocrisy. And Katy Tur was quick to point that out.

Tur asked the Congressman how he could trust Trump even though he’s under an FBI criminal investigation after insisting that Hillary Clinton could not be trusted for the same reason.

Tur asked,

“Would you trust a president who was under FBI investigation, his campaign, or her campaign?”

Brooks stammered through his answer saying that the country should give Trump the benefit of the doubt because the investigation might exonerate him.

Tur jumped in asking,

“Congressman, if this president was named Hillary Clinton would you have the same opinion?”

Brooks, being the loyal lap-dog he is, said no. He tried to justify his clear hypocrisy by saying that Hillary had been involved in public policy for much longer than Trump and that she lied about Benghazi.

Tur quickly pointed out how absurd Brooks’ statement was.

“Respectfully, Congressman, President Trump has misrepresented the truth so many times that I can’t count them on my two hands,” she said.

Brooks even tried to push the debunked conspiracy that Hillary sold uranium to the Russians. Tur again threw out some actual facts. “That had to be approved by seven different agencies, including an independent agency.”

After allowing Brooks to thoroughly humiliate himself, Tur added,

“Respectfully, in the two months that [Trump] has been there, he has brought up a number of things that just don’t have any evidence to support it. That includes voter fraud. That includes President Obama wiretapping his phones. He said certainly a lot of things that are not true, a lot of things, so it doesn’t seem like your argument holds water in that respect.”

When faced with real facts, Trump supporters lose every time. Bravo Katy.

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