Mitch McConnell Has Melt-Down While Being Grilled On Merrick Garland -VIDEO

Mitch McConnell can’t defend what he and the Republicans did to President Obama’s SCOTUS nominee, Merrick Garland. He knows it. Sunday morning, Chuck Todd knew it too.

Sunday morning, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell made an appearance on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. McConnell was there to defend the actions he’s about to take to force through Trump’s SCOTUS pick. But when Todd pressed him about the Republicans’ treatment of Merrick Garland, McConnell turned into a defensive bumbling idiot.

The more McConnell tried to lie and weasel out of answering Todd’s questions about Garland, the more Todd grilled him. At several points, McConnell was reduced to stuttering with a nervous giggle. There’s no other way to say it…he looked like a complete fool. And his condescending smile only made it worse.

Mitch started with the bullshit Republican line that no judge could be seated in an election year.

“The tradition had been not to confirm vacancies in the middle of a presidential [election] year. You’d have to go back 80 years to find the last time it happened… Everyone knew, including President Obama’s former White House counsel, that if the shoe had been on the other foot, [Democrats] wouldn’t have filled a Republican president’s vacancy in the middle of a presidential election.”

Todd argued,

“That’s a rationale to vote against his confirmation. Why not put him up for a vote? Any senator can have a rationale to not to vote for a confirmation. Why not put Merrick Garland on the floor and if the rationale is, ‘You know what? Too close to an election,’ then vote no?”

McConnell nervously giggled then stuttered,

“Look, we litigated that last year. The American people decided that they wanted Donald Trump to make the nomination, not Hillary Clinton.”

Todd continued,

“You say it’s been litigated, the Garland situation. For a lot of Senate Democrats, they’re not done litigating this… What was wrong with allowing Merrick Garland to have an up or down vote?”

McConnell, growing increasingly more defensive exclaimed,

“I already told you! You don’t fill Supreme Court vacancies in the middle of a presidential election!”

Todd, pushing harder interrupted and said,

“Should that be the policy going forward? Are you prepared to pass a resolution that says in election years any Supreme Court vacancy [will not be filled] and let it be a sense of the Senate resolution, that says no Supreme Court nominations will be considered in any even numbered year? Is that where we’re headed?”

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