Nancy Pelosi Puts Out New Video Showing Dems How To Run Against Trump In 2018 -VIDEO

Nancy Pelosi just put out a new video showing Democrats how to run against Trump in 2018. The video uses Trump’s own words. And it’s extremely disturbing.

Democrats need to do several things if they want to win in 2018.

For one thing, we need to find and run really good candidates. We need to do a better job of getting our message out in all 50 states, starting at the local level. We need to clearly show how we’re better than the Republican alternative. And we also have to do a better job of communicating what we are FOR.

But another big piece of the puzzle is running against the nightmare that is Trump. He is dangerous and reckless and ignorant. And the Dems need to make it clear that we will really fight this crisis and threat to our democracy.

One of the best ways to do that is by using Trump’s own words against him.

On Friday Nancy Pelosi put out this new video showing Dems how to do it. The video is terrifying. But more importantly, it’s effective.

All of the clips in this video are from Trump’s first 100 days. He has given us plenty of ammunition. Now it’s time we use it.

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