Republicans Using The ‘Nuclear Option’ Could Be A Win For The Democratic Party Base

Republicans are set to use the “nuclear option” to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court. Here’s why that could be a win for the Democratic Party base.

OK, first of all let me say that if Republicans change Senate rules to allow SCOTUS nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority, otherwise known as the “nuclear option,” it will not be good for this country. If judges no longer have to reach a 60-vote threshold, both sides will push through more extreme judges, which will make the Court more divided and more ideological and even more political than it is now. And that ain’t good.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems determined to go through with his threat anyway.

There are many ways that this will backfire on the Republicans. Their first problem is that this unprecedented move is really energizing the Democratic Party base.

The Dems know that they don’t want Gorsuch on the Court. They also know that the nuclear option is a dangerous idea. But the fact that nearly all of them are standing strong and firm in this fight over the filibuster is a very good sign.

Since Trump won the presidency people all across this country have begun to organize. People are pissed and they want a fight. They want the Democrats to do everything they can to fight Donald Trump’s agenda. And so far the Dems are doing just that.

This first big showdown is over the SCOTUS. And, even though it is unlikely a fight the Democrats will win, their base is cheering the fact that the Dems have finally grown some spines. And they are hitting the jackpot with fund-raising because of it.

We may lose this first battle. But the party is growing stronger. And the majority of the country is with them. In the big scheme of things the fight itself is a good start for the Dems.

As Elizabeth Warren put it last month“For me, it was so important to make clear: We will fight back — we will fight back! We’re not here to make this normal.”


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