Trump Administration Offers Dems Most Outrageous Deal Yet About Obamacare

The Trump administration just offered the Democrats a deal to save funding for Obamacare that is almost too asinine to believe.

Trump’s Management and Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, just tried to make an unbelievable bullshit deal with Congressional Democrats to avoid a government shut-down next week. Mulvaney told the Dems that Trump was willing to offer money for key Obamacare payments in exchange for funding for his ridiculous border wall.

It’s remarkable, really, that they still think they can bully Democrats and the American people to bend to their will.

Republicans cannot get the funding Trump wants for his border wall without help from the Dems. So the White House is trying to ransom poor people’s health care. And Mulvaney is saying that they may shut down the government if the Dems don’t agree to the deal.

Bloomberg reports,

“Mulvaney said he knows that Democrats want to see the funding of a key piece of the Affordable Care Act, government subsidies paid to insurance companies to help reduce out-of-pocket costs for low-income people, and that to get that, they’d have to agree to some of the president’s demands. Trump first suggested in a Wall Street Journal interview last week that he was considering using the subsidies as a way to force Democrats to negotiate.”

Mulvaney told Bloomberg on Friday, “We’d offer them $1 of CSR payments for $1 of wall payments. Right now that’s the offer that we’ve given to our Democratic colleagues.” He said the Trump administration had “finally boiled this negotiation down to” the wall and Obamacare subsidies for low-income enrollees.

The Republicans have several problems here. For one, the Democrats are saying no deal. Matt House, a spokesman for Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer said,

“The White House gambit to hold hostage health care for millions of Americans, in order to force American taxpayers to foot the bill for a wall that the President said would be paid for by Mexico is a complete nonstarter.”

Another problem they have is that, if they decide to shut down the government over this, THEY will be held responsible. Trump can’t blame the Dems for his incompetence when Republicans hold the House, Senate, and White House. Of course he can try, but the American people aren’t that stupid.

Republicans will also bear the blame when people start losing their health care.

The truth is, the Democrats don’t have to help them with any damn thing. Yes, elections do have consequences. And that means that Trump and the Republicans own their failures now.

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