Alec Baldwin Teaches His 3-Year-Old Daughter To Do Trump Impersonation -VIDEO

Alec Baldwin is teaching his 3-year-old daughter how to mock Donald Trump. And it’s absolutely adorable.

Alec Baldwin has been brilliant impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this season. And now he is passing on his talent to his adorable little girl, proving that making fun of our idiot president is fun at any age.

On Saturday, Baldwin’s wife Hilaria posted this super-cute little video to her Instagram page. In the video, Alec is giving a quick lesson to his toddler daughter Carmen on how to perfectly impersonate Trump.

As Hilaria filmed Alec and her daughter practicing, she asked Carmen what day daddy plays the president on TV. The little girl answered, “Saturday!”

Then Alec showed her how to say “Saturday” the way he says it on Saturday Night Live when he mocks the president. He taught her to use her arms like Trump when she talks. And the giggling little girl followed her dad’s lead and repeated Baldwin’s words with her arms up over her head.

Baldwin says, “And we say, ‘Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, OK everybody, it’s Saturday.” She tries to repeat him. And then they both crack up laughing.

Baldwin has said that he may not return to his Trump role on SNL next season. But in the meantime he’s keeping busy training his adorable understudy.

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