Country Singer Toby Keith Will Join Trump In Saudi Arabia For A Men-Only Concert. Seriously.

Donald Trump is going to give a speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia this weekend. And country singer Toby Keith will be joining him for a free men-only concert. Yes, seriously.

It’s bizarre enough that Trump is going to Saudi Arabia to give a speech on Islam. I mean, this IS Donald Trump we’re talking about here. But to make this even weirder, he’s joining Toby Keith, yes that Toby Keith, who will be giving a free country music concert for men only.

Because nothing screams country music like Saudi Arabia. Amirite?

I’m sure that the Saudis…well the Saudi men anyway….will just love hearing iconic songs like “Whiskey Girl,” “Beer For My Horses,” “Drunk Americans,” and “I Like Girls That Drink Beer.” Unfortunately, the men won’t be able to get drunk during the concert, being that alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia under very strict Islamic law and all.

The Huffington Post reports,

“Toby Keith is headed to the Middle East to join President Donald Trump on his trip to Saudi Arabia.

The country singer will perform at a free, men-only concert Saturday in the capital city of Riyadh alongside Saudi singer Rabeh Saqer.”

Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

Toby Keith was one of the very few artists who performed at Trump’s inauguration. I don’t know what Keith is thinking right now, but in April he told CNN about why he performed for Trump’s inauguration.

“It’s more of a duty to me, and a true honor to perform for your country. Whether I agree or disagree — we’ve never had a leader in this country that I agreed with across the board on everything they do — because I hate politics. Everybody wants their side to get what they want. It seems like we get divided more and more all the time.”

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