Did Trump Really Just Flip Off The Italian Prime Minister?? -VIDEO

Our President is a petulant child with absolutely no class.

Last week, Donald Trump humiliated us on the world stage. He spent his time at the G7 Summit offending and alienating our allies. He was so nasty to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she had to tell her nation that they could no longer count on the U.S. as a partner. He treated the New French President Macron with the same disrespect.

And now it appears that he subtly flipped his middle finger at the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni.

Now maybe he was just using his middle finger to scratch an itch or something. Maybe he wasn’t purposefully flipping off another world leader. Maybe.

But then again, this is Trump we’re talking about here. So it’s certainly in the realm of possibilities that he was acting like a petulant child.

At the beginning of the video clip Trump had a couple of words with Gentiloni off mic, and then it appears they had a miscommunication.

Both men start talking to the room, saying good morning at the same time. Trump apparently thought he was going to speak first. But the Italian PM remembered to turn his mic on. Trump did not.

So Trump had to stand down and let Gentiloni take the lead. As you can see, it clearly irritated our man-baby President. Moments later, Trump pulls a move usually reserved for rebellious 14-year-olds. He takes his middle finger and places it on the side of his head.

So was Trump purposefully being a dick? Or was it just an innocent middle-finger-head-scratching moment? Watch this clip and judge for yourself.

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