FBI Raids Republican Campaign Fundraising Firm

Think this has anything to do with the fact that Trump and the Republicans have royally pissed off the FBI? I kinda hope so.

Maybe something good will come out of Donald Trump’s idiotic attacks on the U.S. intelligence community. He has repeatedly lied about them and tried to manipulate them to serve his personal agenda. But actually firing FBI Director James Comey may have just been a step too far.

Our intelligence community is made up primarily of patriotic career professionals who are dedicated to doing what’s right for this country. But they’re also human. So it would be understandable if they were upset by the treatment they’re getting from the President of the United States. And cases against this President and his party may start to get more urgent attention because of it.

On Thursday, the FBI’s D.C. field office raided a Republican campaign fundraising firm in Annapolis, Maryland. The FBI confirms that agents went to Strategic Campaign Group with a search warrant Thursday. And the FBI has now placed trash bags over the windows at the SCG office.

This investigation is being run out of Washington. Whatever this firm has done, it’s not a local case.

News sources, including the Bay Net and CBS Baltimore are reporting,

“FBI confirms its agents executed a search warrant at the office of a GOP Fundraiser/Consulting Firm in Annapolis. FBI Investigation of GOP Fundraising firm in Annapolis is run out of Washington, not a local case.”

“The firm the search warrants were executed on is the Strategic Campaign Group, located at 190 Main Street in Annapolis, MD. This firm is known for its pioneering use of technology in political campaigns for GOP candidates nationwide.”

*This is a developing story.

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