Justice Department Prosecuting A Woman For Laughing At Jeff Sessions, Yes Really

The Department of Justice is literally prosecuting a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions. Oh, and it just so happens that Sessions is running the Department of Justice. Convenient, huh?

This is unbelievable. But once again this Trump administration has reached a new low. The Justice Department is actually prosecuting a woman who laughed at Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his Senate confirmation hearing. Yes, seriously.

61-year-old Desiree Fairooz, who is an activist with Code Pink, was arrested on January 10 because she laughed out loud when Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) said that Sessions’ long history of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well-documented.”

Given that Jeff Sessions actually has a long history of racism and bigotry, Shelby’s comment really was laughable.

According to The Huffington Post,

“Fairooz was seated in the back of the room, and her laugh did not interrupt Shelby’s introductory speech. But, according to the government, the laugh amounted to willful “disorderly and disruptive conduct” intended to “impede, disrupt, and disturb the orderly conduct” of congressional proceedings. The government also charged her with a separate misdemeanor for allegedly parading, demonstrating or picketing within a Capitol, evidently for her actions after she was being escorted from the room.”

Fairooz’s trial continues this week at the Superior Court in D.C. If she is convicted she could face a fine of up to $500 and up to six months jail time. Jail time. For laughing.

As Vox puts it,

“It’s important not to lose sight of the big picture here: The federal government is literally prosecuting someone for laughing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Justice Department — which Sessions now leads as attorney general — is doing the prosecuting when the laughter was directed at its leader. At the very least, it’s not a good look for the top law enforcement agency in the country.”

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