Michelle Obama Goes After Trump Administration Over School Lunches, ‘What is wrong with you??’ -VIDEO

“Think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.”

Michelle Obama fought hard for the health of American children. Now the Trump administration is set to destroy all of her hard work. Children’s health be damned.

One of Michelle Obama’s great accomplishments was her healthy school lunches program. And our children are healthier because of it. But last month the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a new rule that will allow schools to have more flexibility in meeting federal nutrition standards for school lunches.

After months of biting her tongue, Michelle Obama is finally speaking out against the Trump administration over this.

On Friday our former FLOTUS spoke at the annual health conference in Washington. And she defended her stance on healthy food options for American school children. She also made her disgust with the Trump administration known.

Speaking straight to the new administration and pulling no punches she said, “What is wrong with you??”

Michelle said,

“Think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap. Keep families ignorant. That’s all I’m hearing.”

She added,

“You don’t need to know what’s in your food. You can’t handle that, mom. Just buy this, be quiet– spend your money… I would be highly insulted by that thought. You want to talk about nanny state and government intervention? You just buy the food and be quiet. You don’t need to know what’s in it. That’s essentially what a move like this is saying to you, mom.”

Welcome back FLOTUS! We’ve really missed you.

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