New York Times Asks People To #SaySomethingNice About Trump, Twitter Responds Hilariously

The New York Times is starting a new column to highlight things that Donald Trump is doing well. So they are asking people to #SaySomethingNice about Trump to give them ideas for things to write about. And, fortunately for the NYT, Twitter has a whole lot of hilarious suggestions.

A big mistake the media made during the election was to constantly make both sides comparisons. For every disgusting thing Trump did or said they tried to be “fair” by attacking Hillary too. But the two sides are not equal. Not by a longshot.

And now the New York Times is trying to pull that bullshit again. Only this time they don’t have two candidates to compare. So now they are trying to appease both the left and the right by doing Trump puff pieces to balance the real journalism they’re doing.

It’s too bad too. Because they have been doing a great job with investigating Trump’s collusion with Russia.

So now to help them with their new pro-Trump column, they’re asking for people to say something nice about Trump.

The NYT said,

Now you may think there’s nothing nice to say about the nightmare in the White House. But Twitter sure had a lot of “nice” things to say. And they are hilarious.

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