Trump Abruptly Cancels Iowa Rally

One of Trump’s favorite things to do is throw himself big pep rallies. But, as the walls continue to close in with the Russia investigation, he’s growing more and more nervous. And now he’s cancelled his upcoming rally in Iowa.

Donald Trump returned from his first overseas trip on Saturday. But instead of being welcomed home a hero from a successful venture, he’s facing an abundance of criticism for his embarrassing behavior. And he’s also facing increased pressure from a rapidly advancing Russia investigation.

And apparently, the pressure is really getting to him. Before even touching down on American soil, Trump abruptly cancelled a big rally scheduled for Thursday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

According to Politico,

“”Due to an unforeseen change in President Trump’s schedule, we will need to unfortunately postpone the previously scheduled rally in Cedar Rapids on June 1st,” according to an email sent from his campaign Saturday.

“Stay tuned for information on a rescheduled date early next week. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. President Trump will see you in Iowa very soon,” it continued.”

Trump’s lifeblood is bellowing at big campaign rallies full of adoring fans. They seem to energize him and soothe his fragile ego. So what could’ve been so big that he cancelled his Iowa rally?

Maybe he needs sleep after an exhausting trip. He did look weak and worn out on his big introduction to the world stage. But somehow, I don’t see him skipping out on the one thing he lives for, tired or not.

It seems more likely that he is panicking about the Russia investigation heating up. Especially now that his son-in-law Jared Kushner is under fire. The White House is setting up a war room this week to fight the investigation. And Trump just hired his own outside legal counsel.

Trump was the only world leader who refused to do a press conference after the G7┬ásummit. And now he’s cancelled a scheduled trip. He looks scared. And now he’s just hiding. But unfortunately for him, hiding will not stop the noose from tightening over his connections to Russia.

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