Ann Coulter Shreds Sean Hannity For Sucking Up To Trump

Grab some popcorn. Watching vile Conservatives eat their own is always a good show.

There are a lot of Trump lap-dogs at Fox News. But the biggest suck-up and most vile dog on the state propaganda channel is Sean Hannity. And now Ann Coulter is calling him out. Ann. Coulter. She’s vile too. But you know what they say about broken clocks…for once she’s right.

On Wednesday, Coulter wrote a scathing column on her website saying that Hannity “would endorse communism” if Trump told him to.

“Sean Hannity, bless his heart, has the zeal of the late Trump convert. He would endorse communism if Trump decided to implement the policies of “The Communist Manifesto.””

Coulter complained that Hannity edited an interview he did with her. She was criticizing Trump and his Goldman Sachs economic adviser Gary Cohn. And Hannity, who will not allow any negative Trump comments on his show, edited it all out.

“On his show last Thursday, he tried to get me to defend Trump’s “rich person” remarks about Cohn. I wish you could see the segment, but, unfortunately, Hannity decided no one would ever see it.”

“In a pre-taped interview. It was a time problem. (It may not be evident to most viewers, but three minutes MUST be left at the end of every Hannity show for Nerf football throwing.)”

“With the zealotry of those who came late to the Trump party, Hannity fully endorsed Trump’s faith in Cohn, adding, “I never got a job from a poor man!””

She went on, saying that too many people are sucking up to Trump and refusing to tell him the truth.

“Those of us who have been here for a while — unlike Cruz- and Rubio-supporting Hannity — know how to party responsibly. The best way we serve the people we admire is to tell them the truth.”

“The motto of we longtime Trump supporters is: NO TREATS FOR DOING NOTHING!”

“Trump said he wanted rich people to do for the country what they had done for themselves. Here’s what Gary Cohn did for himself: He oversaw the mortgage department at Goldman Sachs in the run-up to Wall Street blowing up the economy with the 2008 mortgage meltdown.”

She added,

“As to rich people being “smart”: Kim Kardashian is rich. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is rich. Bernie Madoff was rich — as he surely tells the 300-pound, face-tattooed gangsters he now showers with. No one wants any of them advising Trump, either.

You could have heard this on Hannity, but, apparently, there was some sort of “timing issue.””

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